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The build up of our Youth Centre came to a standstill after we invested ZAR 100.000 from a private donation. The money was used to build the foundation, outside walls, roof, doors and windows. To complete the Youth Centre, we still need changing rooms, showers, toilets and a kitchen to make fresh meals for the kids.

The Youth Centre will provide a place for the kids to do their homework, exchange ideas and a safe environment in which to grow. We firmly believe that while these children and young people are with us in sport, they will stay out of court.

As we don’t have any showers and toilets at the moment, our local Cape Town cooperation club with daily fixtures can’t play home games because of the missing facilities. This involves extra travel time and costs.

The club has 9 teams plying their trade at the LFA . These teams are made up of age categories from U6 to U18 and 2 senior teams – a total of 9 teams and approximately 150 players.

We dream of having a Youth Centre to educate the players on game topics, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and children’s rights. With the Youth Centre, we also get a facility to cook a warm meal, where the kids can take a shower after the training/game and be part of the local league in Cape Town.

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